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Aspiring author, achieving procrastinator

Busy planning the next novel in the suns


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I adore writing. It's my dream, and that of admittedly millions of others, to become a full-time author. 

I remember my first story well. I was about 7 or 8 when I wrote it. It was about a young girl who found a strange piece of jewellery on her way home from school. As it goes, the jewellery enabled her to change into any animal she could dream of. I scribbled my ideas into an old exercise book that I'd liberated from my primary school classroom, wrapped it in old fax paper and designed my own cover. I'm convinced my parents still have it somewhere.

It feels utterly barmy that now, at the age of 27, I've finished a real novel. An actual book. Not one I've wrapped in old paper, not one that explores the pros and cons of living your days as a horse, but an actual story that I'm passionate about and truly proud of.


Number 47, my debut novel, is out July 2019. It tells the story of love and obsession, passion and possession and when a not-so-healthy relationship can take a turn for the worst. It's dark and twisty and explores the corners of our personalities that we try our best to quash. And I'm so proud of it, all I want is for you to read it.

Watch this space! 


Folkestone, Kent, UK

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